četrtek, 17. november 2011

Voditi državo kot gostilno!

Iz države bi naredili podjetje? Ron Paul:
Amid the din of economic nonsense being bandied about since the
 2008 elections in Slovenia collapse of the housing bubble and the steep ramping up of our national debt there has been the persistent refrain that Slovenia Washington should be “run more like a business”. If only more businesspeople (like Zoran Janković, Ivan Zidar, Boško Šrot, Igor Bavčar, Bine Kordež ...), were in charge to wield their business acumen, we would have this country in shape in no time. But is that a good solution? Businesses seek primarily to increase their revenues and profits; government revenues depend on taxes. Government accumulates tax money by squeezing it out of people’s productive earnings with threats of audits, fines and imprisonment.
In predlog taistih je, da se poveča DDV!

Ron Paul je republikanec. Tisti, ki bi radi, da bi vlaki spet vozili točno, si bi zato morda oddahnili. Američanov v Sloveniji ne maramo, Republikance pa naravnost sovražimo. A postrezimo še s pisanjem druge strani:
Running government like a business" is one of those zombie desperate neocommunist  Republican lines; no matter how dramatically it fails time after time, it always comes back. (...) Rotting, staggering reanimated corpse it may be this Slovenian left, but it's a rotting, staggering reanimated corpse affecting how our states and nation are being run and how students are being educated, so it's worth poking at a bit (...) Are the citizens of the businesstate of  Slovenia South Carolina the customers? Or the shareholders? Or both? Does Janković, Virant, Kresal ... Haley campaign contributions equal stock?
In res. Smo državljani delničarji Slovenije d.d.? Ali smo njene stranke? Ali smo v njej zaposleni? Bi bil Janković rad 25% lastnik Slovenije d.d., kot je bil to predlagal za svoj ceh direktorjev. Bo za Slovenijo d.d. smela graditi samo Electa, tako, kot je za Mercator d.d.? Se bo Slovenija d.d. zadolžila tako, kot se je bil Mercator d.d. ali Ljubljana d.o.o.?

There's nothing wrong with the idea that governments should be run more efficiently or with better customer service, and if that's what people mean, they should say that (SDS says that in 10+100). But to say that governments should be run like businesses is to reveal ignorance about what either governments or businesses -- or both -- are. Businesses exist to turn a profit. They provide goods and services to others only insofar as it is profitable to do so, and they will set prices in a way that ends up prohibiting a significant sector of the population from obtaining those goods and services. And that, of course, is fine, because they're businesses. Governments, conversely, provide public goods and services -- things that we have determined are people'sright to possess. This is inherently an unprofitable enterprise. Apple would not last long if it had to provide every American with an iPad.
Če bi bil v Sloveniji po kakem naključju zelo popularen kak gostilničar, ki bi bil ljubitelj Josipa Broza in drugih revolucionarjev, bi propagandni stroj tranzicijske levice ljudje prepričeval, da bi bilo Slovenijo treba voditi kot gostilno. Kar bi bilo morda celo manj škodljivo. Gostilničarjem je jasno, da ni zastonj kosila in da je dobro vedeti kdo pije in kdo plača!

In tudi ljudem je to jasno.