četrtek, 06. marec 2014

Niso se naučili umetnosti kompromisa

Kissinger o Ukrajini. Vas na kaj spomni? Ukrajina namreč. In Kissinger.
The Ukrainians are the decisive element. They live in a country with a complex history ... 
Ukraine has been independent for only 23 years; it had previously been under some kind of foreign rule ... 
Not surprisingly, its leaders have not learned the art of compromise, even less of historical perspective. The politics of post-independence Ukraine clearly demonstrate that the root of the problem lies in efforts by Ukrainian politicians to impose their will on recalcitrant parts of the country, first by one faction, then by the other. ... A wise U.S. policy toward Ukraine would seek a way for the two parts of the country to cooperate with each other. We should seek reconciliation, not the domination of a faction.

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