6. januar 2012

Ko bi bila vsaj Slovaška

Če lahko pomagam z osnutkom kake note:
While welcoming the stance of the United States Embassy in its declared assurance that it is politically neutral, and that it is ”only interested in supporting democratic procedures that will allow the people of Slovenia to choose their own leaders in a fair and transparent manner”, we want to sound a very strong and uncompromising caution to other countries , international organizations and diplomats to avoid interfering in the internal affairs of our beloved country. What we are saying is simply this : Other countries, international organizations and diplomats should not try to exert any undue influence on the political events in our country.
Slovenia is a sovereign nation , fully entitled to self-determination of her own destiny. Our domestic affairs are our own business as long as we conduct politics according to internationally-accepted principles of good governance, respect for human rights, the Rule of Law and the tenets of multi-party democracy. Based on all the international awards and commendation we have received and our high standing in the perception and performance indexes of international organizations monitoring governance, the practice of fundamental human rights and freedoms and democracy in the world, we are doing well as a nation.
The Government is responsible and also responsive to the needs of the people; unlike what transpired in the past,Slovenians now have a say in the manner they are governed; the press is free and Slovenians’ right to freedom of speech and freedom of association have not been abridged by this Government, so much so that we are the only nation, perhaps, in Africa (ups!) that has no political prisoner or journalists in jail. The Committee to Protect Journalists ( CPJ ) has just released its worldwide survey of attacks on the press in 2010 . 
It is a gratifying matter for all Slovenes to rejoice that their country’s name did not receive any mention in the book just released by CPJ. We are one of the shortlist of countries in the world where CPJ had nothing negative to report about our treatment of journalists. With such achievements, it is an undisputable fact that our people are being well governed according to the best practices required in today’s globalized politics. The United Nations principle of the Responsibility of States to protect their citizens ( R2P ) is fully honored in Slovenia. Therefore, no country or international organization or diplomat should dabble in our internal affairs. We are not the serfdom of any country or international organization
We in Slovenia reserve the right as a sovereign nation to critically examine the qualities and suitabilities of our presidential candidates. We are not zombies who will just keep quiet and let any killer or human rights abuser be dumped on us as a presidential candidate. Any diplomat, any international organization and any country that expects us to keep quiet in the said circumstance is being hypocritical and is practising double standards that we are not going to accept. In the United Kingdom , the United States, France, Germany and the Western and Eastern countries, presidential candidates undergo worse press scrutiny where even their private and family lives are placed under strong spotlight. Ex-President Clinton was so vigorously scrutinized that his sex life and diamba-smoking habits as student took centre stage. It was during this rigorous scrutiny that the former President was said to have made the famous admission or rebuttal that he smoked diamba but he did not inhale it.

Več. Vedno več. Podobnosti. Ko bi bile vsaj s Slovaško! Ostaja vprašanje ali ima problem ogledalo ali Slovenija.