2. julij 2008

Evropski parlamentarci bi regulirali bloge

Če je kaj dokaz, da blogi postajajo vplivni, potem je to iniciativa socialistov v EU parlamentu, da bi jih regulirali, prepovedali anonimne bloge ipd. User-generated content and weblogs - a new challenge:
As weblogs represent an important new contribution to media pluralism, there is a need to clarify their status, and to create legal safeguards for use in the event of lawsuits as well as to establish a right to reply, says a recent own initiative report drafted by Estonian Socialist Marianne Mikko. Own initiative reports are drafted by individual MEPs and are not proposals for EU laws. The report was later adopted by Parliament's Culture Committee.
To je povzročilo kar nekaj razburjenja, predvsem med blogerji. Thinendofthewedge:
"Approved by 33 votes to one, the EU’s Culture Committee has passed a draft report on blogging which could lead to all European bloggers being required to gain an official stamp of approval simply to exist. Concerned that blogs could prove a useful tool for the “less principled”, Estonian Socialist MEP Marianne Mikko (author of the draft report) said: “They are in position to considerably pollute cyberspace. We already have too much spam, misinformation and malicious intent in cyberspace”. She added, “I think the public is still very trusting towards blogs, it is still seen as sincere. And it should remain sincere. For that we need a quality mark, a disclosure of who is really writing and why.
EUobserver pa citira poslanca ljudske stranke Christopherja Fjellnerja:
The report shows proof of immense ignorance among our decision makers. It is such an incredibly stupid proposal,' he said, adding that Ms Mikko's education as a journalist under the former Soviet Union must have given her an old-fashioned perspective on the media landscape.
Pri nas so o poročilu s simpatijami (sicer ne do regulacije blogov) pisali razgledi.net.

In kaj mislite? Je treba bloge regulirati? Aplicirati medijsko zakonodajo? Pravico do popravka?