torek, 16. oktober 2007

Človeški kapital, Vzhodna Evropa, Slovenija

Ena boljših študij v zvezi s človeškim kapitalom. Slovenija bolj ali manj na vseh področjih vodi, ampak nismo pa v druščini, s katero bi se radi primerjali. The Lisbon Council - Europe's Skills and Human Capital Imperative. Nekaj citatov:
The second volume of our widely acclaimed European Human Capital Index focuses on Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Turkey. In a one-of-a-kind analysis, the authors explain why the region must urgently upgrade its skills base and fight its brain drain, if it hopes to sustain the rise in prosperity and living standards of recent years. The study strongly recommends investing heavily in human capital, in particular for the “lost generation” of people 45 years and older.


The study produces several important
results. Some countries – such as Czech
Republic, Estonia, Slovenia – have
already caught up to or even surpassed
the living standards of some EU-15
regions. But there remains a glaring
challenge over the next two decades for
all Central and Eastern European countries
to master: to close a yearning and widening
gap with the rest of the world – including
Western Europe – in human capital
investment and human capital utilisation.


For the countries that did well in the
European Human Capital Index, Volume II
– namely, Czech Republic, Estonia,
Lithuania and Slovenia – there beckons
the realistic chance of fully achieving
West European standards of living within
the next two decades – if the societal
consensus for sound macroeconomic
management and continuing orientation
towards rapidly developing human capital
is maintained.


It should be noted in passing that only two
countries ever surpass the West European
average in this survey – Slovenia in human
capital endowment and Turkey in

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